KDE4.7 Migration to Kmail2

After updating to KDE4.7, and upon opening Contact I was asked if I wanted to migrate to Kmail2 now. I said no as I was told that the migration would take a long time. I thought it would ask me again for the migration the next time I would open Kmail. But no, I now have kmail with no past emails, no adress book no nothing. Is there a way to start the migration again. Please advise


I clicked on the “Yes” button, but the result was the same :’(.
I switched back to KDE 4.6.5, but with problems:
KDE 4.7 and KMail


I run the migration wizard and seems that everything was migrated except the Inbox folder :\ It looks empty. Sync doesn’t seems to be working on it.

Looking at various forums it seems that there are a lot of complaints with regards Kmail2. So I did go back to YAST , looked for Kmail and switched back to the previous version 4.4.10-3.2 with the appropriate dependencies. I am still under KDE4.7 but at least I got back Kmail in working order, with everything intact. including adress book and in-box. I guess I will now wait for a while now before attempting an upgrade to Kmail2 :wink:

To restart the migration, delete the *migratorrc files in ~/.kde4/share/config/

Thanks for the tip!

After trying the migration to kmail2, and a couple of years of inbox mail went missing, I followed your advise, and all appears to work well with kmail1.
Specifically, I added Index of /distribution/11.4/repo/oss to the Yast repositories, deinstalled kmail2 (4.7…), and installed the kmail 4.4.10-3.2. Yast required some downgrades of ancillary software (and also some software removal as I recall), but kmail now works as well as in the past.

I have the same problem, but being on opensuse 12.1 there is no earlier version of kmail in the repos so unless I use packages from the 11.4 repos I’m stuck with kmail2

I suspect if I tried doing that there’d be all kinds of conflicts and dependencies to resolve, god knows how many packages to roll back so I could end up with a system that’s more 11.4 than 12.1 if it worked at all, if it allowed me to even do it at all without a whole lot of individual rpm downloads

Seems to me kmail2 shouldn’t have been introduced until it could reliably import existing kmail profiles, doesn’t seem it can yet and it’s not just an opensuse issue, I have the same problem on arch machines, in fact every machine here with kmail2 installed fails at the migrate stage

For now I’m not using the kmail2 on my desktops but running kmail off an 11.4 machine via ssh x11 forwarding on them instead, it’s a proper nuisance because while I don’t mind reconfiguring accounts in kmail2 the fact I wouldn’t have access to previous mails is a total deal-breaker for me

I just went back to kmail 4.4.10-3.2 as suggested, and Yast2 downgraded the following…


Kmail is now back to something useable. It looks like the indexes may need updating on some folders. Might be worth backing things up before giving this a try. I had started down the route of installing dovecot, but I’ll hold off on that now that I have something that works.

There’s also the command line tool kmail-migrator --interactive that should do the migration.
But you also need to delete the kmail-migratorrc files first…

I would just forget it for now. I tried the migration several times, with all the tricks out there. It simply does not work. I heard a user claiming success with the following. Archiving the old mail accounts. Then with the new kmail 2, not to perform any migration but to import the archives. Purportedly it did work. Did not have up to now occasion to try.

I just use Thunderbird and Lightning now. Kmail2 is not worth the hassle.