kde4.5.1 plasma-desktop -graphicssystem raster

Anyone know how load with the option plasma-desktop -graphicssystem raster ?

There is KCM Qt Graphics System which presumably just edits some configs? Not positive but the version of QT in use on 11.3-kde4.5.1 appears to be less then Qt 4.7.0 the version number is 4.6.3-8.1 here.

I’d like to try plasma-desktop -graphicssystem raster as default seems to use more memory and less cpu time. There must be a manual way besides then adding a third party app to set this up?

Not a lot of good info out there on this but it looks like editing the /usr/share/autostart plasma-desktop.desktop is one way to do this. Possibly krunner.desktop but even less info was found on this one.

Quoting kubicle

And you don’t really need the config module to test different graphics backend (provided you have qt 4.7, that supports setting the graphicssystem via environment variable).

For example, to test the raster backend, just create a file ~/.kde/env/qt-graphicssystem.sh (although the name shouldn’t really matter) with the contents:
and relog into kde.