KDE4.3 problems

I’ve just upgraded to KDE4.3 from 4.2.4. Now when I boot and login my screen freezes as soon as I try changing the theme or desktop configurations. The only way I can stop the freezes is if I disable the desktop effects.

The desktop effects worked fine in 4.2.4 so any idea why they are not working in 4.3? Could i have a conflict with a package that didn’t upgrade properly?

You could try renaming your settings directory (I think it’s ~/.kde4), and logging back it, see if that helps?

Even if it doesn’t - or you aren’t prepared to set up again from scratch - you can just rename it back again.

OK, I tried as you suggested. Renamed .kde4 and logged in and went proceeded to change the colour scheme to a green theme. It unfortunately still didn’t make any difference to YAST which still showed the bluey purple selection bar, window pane highlight and progress bar.

It seems it’s a bug.

OK. I see this thread now.

Better post your repo’s:

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I tried as you suggested and it seemed to work for about 10mins but my screen froze again while configuring the desktop.

KDE4.2.4 worked pretty well for me with very few screen freezes (and those really only occured if I didn’t reboot the system for 2-3 days).

I’m disappointed that I’m experiencing this with 4.3 now. I don’t really want to try a fresh install as it’ll take too long to set everything up again. Would i benefit from doing an unconditional update on the KDE4 desktop and community repos or is my problem likely to be caused by an openSUSE core file?

Would i benefit from doing an unconditional update on the KDE4 desktop and community repos or is my problem likely to be caused by an openSUSE core file?

Possibly. worth a try anyway. It might reveal something you have not noticed.

I think it would. Don’t know what’s happening exactly, but last couple of days I’ve met this problem a few times. Unconditional update of all KDE4 packages solved it on every occasion.

OK, I’ll try an unconditional update of the KDE packages. I also just looked at the compiz packages that are installed and am not sure if I’ve got duplicates installed. Their seems to be a generic version and a suse version.
Is what I have correct?

Your symptoms sound suspiciously like what I got on my work machine, also with Intel graphics, when switching from Gnome (working fine) to KDE 4.3.
I “solved” it by disabling Kwin and using Compiz for desktop effects instead.

Gunther, can you explain how you do that? Do I need to delete kwin or is their a simple way of just disabling it?

From memory:

go into Personal Settings (Configure Desktop) from KDE menu. Select “default Applications”, then “Window Manager”. Disable Kwin and enable Compiz (assuming that Compiz is already installed).

I just tried that but it messed up my window decorations. All my window borders and the minimise / maximise /close buttons disappeared. Also the compiz effects configurator keeps crashing when I try configure the effects.

Don’t know what’s up with my set up.

You could do with Ian (ijbreakey)
He’s a compiz Wiz

I use kwin with compiz effects and never have any trouble.

I’ll look him up and send him a pm.

I don’t know what’s gone wrong because it worked fine with 4.2.4. I don’t know if something has regressed in the update or something in my installation has gone bad.

I’m tempted to do an unconditional update on the whole system but am not sure that will fix anything if my problems are due to a bad config file somewhere.

Well I did a full unconditional update on the whole system and it didn’t help.

As soon as I try configure desktop effects strange things happen. Now when I apply a change I loose the panel, all my windows except the desktop configuration window disappear leaving a blank black screen. The only way out is ctlr alt backspace. I didn’t get as far as seeing if it freezes.

I can only thing that a configuration file which wasn’t replaced by the update is messed up.

Just an update for anyone interested.

I’ve done a little experimenting and it seems my problems my be due to a combination of the window style and window decoration I was using.
I had my window style set to Polyester and the window decoration set to Plastique. I’ve now set the window decoration to Laptop (but Oxygen and Ozone also work) and so far my screen freezes have stopped with my desktop effects enabled.

I’ve only been using the system for an hour or so so not conclusive yet. I’ll see how it goes for the rest of the day and report back.

Just confirming that after a couple of days of testing everything is still working great so it was definitely a problem with the Plastique window decoration or at least the combination of Polyester window style with the Plastique decoration.

Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post this info. I never use those decorations. Tend to stick fairly on default’ish.