KDE4.2 no RAM usage monitor?

It was there in 4.1.3,but now disappeared…

Which app are you referring to? Ksysguard, for instance, is still available…


RAM usage monitor? You mean the System Status or one from the yasp or system-monitor plasmoids or something different. Since KDE4.1.3 some packages (example power-devil) and plasmoids(example quicklaunch) are moved into other - more complex - packages like kdebase4. Use advanced filtering in YaST, like RPM “Provides” / “Requires” to find the missing plasmoid.
Good luck.

I’m not sure if this is what the original post is about but i also miss a system memory monitor widget.

On the desktop i have the “System Monitor - CPU” widget which looks great, but i would also like to monitor memory usage on the desktop using a widget but i can’t find any.