KDE4.2: Knode keeps crashing when posting.

This does not happen every time I try to post a message from Knode on KDE4.1
but more often than not. As soon as I try to post the message, Kontact
vanishes. I’ve re-installed the thing many times, trying different ways of
getting my folders from KDE3 to KDE4. The last time, I thought I’d forget
the KDE3 stuff and delete .kde4/share/apps/knode and config/knoderc. I set
up one newsgroup, composed a test message, hit “send” and that was the last
I saw of Kontact.

I did see one error message instead of a crash when it said it couldn’t
write to the file “support-forums.novell.com”.

Anyone got this working, and if so, how?

Graham P Davis, Bracknell, Berks., UK. E-mail: newsman not newsboy