Kde4.1 to Kde4.2 update problem

Hi All,

on yesterday I added Kde4.2 Stable repositories (Core and community, as reported on opensuse site) and disabled Kde4.1 ones

Then I updated to kde4.2, but then Kde4.2 started to have some problems: aya theme didn’t work fine, desktop and pane clock widgets didn’t show the time anymore.

Does someone meet same issues?

thanks a lot


Delete the files plasmarc and plasma-appletrc from /home/YOURUSERNAME/.kde4/share/config
There have been loads of changes in plasma and plasma’s applets, causing the old settings to become corrupt. Removing the two files lets you keep all other settings, but forces creation of new desktop config files.

Thanks :slight_smile:

But I discovered that zypper updated only some kde4 packages and not all the environment for some dependencies missing (for amarok2 and knetworkmanager…)

I forced it using yast, removing the software needing the missing dependencies and now it works fine again :slight_smile: