KDE4.1 locks screen while I'm working

I have this realy annoying problem atm, KDE locks my screen from time to time while I’m working on my laptop.
I have already disabled the screensaver and the powerd service, but it keeps doing this.

I’m running openSuse 11.1 w/ KDE4.1.

Upgrade to 4.2.1 first. How to do that is explained in the forum over a thousand times, so search and you’ll find it.

If the problem persists in KDE4 4.2.1 please get back to us

I did the upgrade (thanks, new KDE is a lot better :slight_smile: ), but it just did it again.

Anyone knows how to debug this ? Because the powermanagement isn’t working like it’s supposed to do, first of all this error, but it also ignores the timers for the screen power management (it’s set at 20 minutes, but after 10 minutes when the screen saver starts, it powers off the screen).

here the same… maybe since the online kernel update?

Now you mention it, I didn’t have this problem with the older kernel.

I’m not going to downgrade it now, as long as a reboot fixes the problem I’m happy (as long as my windows minded friends don’t see it rotfl!)

Okay, it even gets worse when running on battery power (screenlocking bug was with AC connected), instead of just locking the screen, it suspends my laptop :expressionless: .
I get the message that it’s going to suspend to ram in 10 seconds and that I can prevent this by clicking the message, but that doesn’t work either.
That specific problem seems to be fixed when I change the idle action from ‘suspend to ram’ to ‘do nothing’ in the powersave profile.

My guess is that the idle timer in the kernel is bogus.

Can you try booting the kernel with apm=off ?

I had the same problem.

The topic is here: KDE4.1 Power Mangement, always suspending… - openSUSE Forums

The solution that worked for me :
(optional) Update to KDE4.2


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