KDE4.1 Factory - Plasmoids - Lock in Place?

Finally 4.1 is working for me. But icons/plasmoids/widgets, whatever, will not stay where they are placed. Each time I restart the desktop they are back in the top left.
All I actually have is a folder, (which is my desktop folder with icons from kde3/old4.0.4 setup, though I stress, I have a NEW .kde4 folder for 4.1.) And I put a trash can on there too. That’s it. - I move them, lock the widgets. But they move back to top left at next login.
Is this a bug, or does anyone have a workaround? Please!

OK. After a re-boot and login today, all was IN PLACE. Umm.

Though Places in Dolphin are dead
and I had a few crashes in D and K

will see how it goes, and bug report if it continues.
Still quite rocky - considering release is so close.

I have noticed that if I (re)arrange my DT and lock the plasmoids before shutting down they will stay.
Though a Superkaramba widget kept coming back even though I had deleted it from the DT. Had to remove the files from my HDD to stop it.
The same thing is that I cannot change the icons for the desktop shortcuts.
It is a known bug I read somewhere. Hope that KDE4.1 will solve it.

I am using K Desktop Environment
Version 4.1.00 (KDE 4.0.99 (4.1 RC1+)) “release 13.8”

What is dead in dolphin “places” I can see it here and can browse
I can also change the desktop icon to my preferred one.

Am I still not using the latest version? I just updated this yesterday from the factory

Actually I was refering to PLACES (if you have that view enabled, I have the folder tree and places)
The items in places for me are my external usb, a large store partition, home.

Actually it turns out they are not dead - Just faulty, they require double click to activate
I thought they were dead, because I single click everything. It was just by chance I double clicked one of them and it opened the folder.