KDE4.1 default keystroke list?

Installing a new OpenSuSE 11.1, the patch updates borked my mouse driver, so I now need to roll the driver back.

Aside from that issue (yes, if anyone has a specific procedure to recommend I’d like that, too), I discovered that the typical keyboard navigation keystrokes I normally use in Windows don’t all work in KDE, I was also surprised I couldn’t Google up a reference that simply lists the navigation keystrokes in KDE 4.1…

Does anyone know where one might exist?



I’m running KDE 4.2.4 now, so I’m not sure about what was implemented with KDE 4.1, but have a look Configure Desktop (from menu) → Keyboard and Mouse. Here you will see the standard and global keyboard shortcuts. You can make changes from here as well.

I found what I needed

ALT-F1 (KDE) = CTL-ESC (Win)

I find it’s remarkable I couldn’t find a reference anywhere on the Internet, especially since it takes plenty of drilling through several panes to review all the Global shortcuts.

Also, regarding my mouse driver issue, I found one other decent thread in the forums and took the bottom line advice… If this is a brand new install, then re-install.