KDE4.1.3 Get ready for it - Next week

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Next week should see the next phase of kde4 and if you haven’t already noticed there are now some Packages in Factory we can’t update because they are dependent on 4.1.3 base.
So watch out for that folks - NOOBS!!
Just wait it out and don’t come screaming dependency errors.

Just FYIlol!

Just thinking, maybe this should have been in Chit-Chat? oops

Yes and for us english we know what this date can mean… :wink:
Guy Fawkes Night - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As per your edit moved

Yes. I had forgotten about that. Haven’t recovered from the spooks night yet. Lets hope all our expectations in the next release stage don’t go up in flames.

except for us folk downunder for which the release date will be 6th novemeber :frowning: oh well, guy fawkes day starts in 1 hour :slight_smile: