KDE3 applications on a KDE4 system

Hi. Two months ago I have replaced KDE3 with KDE4 (currently 4.3.2). I have to say that I am very happy with it. I am, however, still running 3 KDE3 applications: kftpgrabber, kaffeine (I prefer it to Dragon Player, which is OK, BTW) and Amarok 1.4. Yes, I still like it more than the 2.x series.

Everything runs smoothly but there is a small little thing that annoys me somehow: desktop integration. More precisely I would like to know how to make KDE3 applications’ tooltips (which are yellowish) look more like KDE4’s (blueish). In KDE4 there is a way of configuring colors for the tooltips, but I cannot find a way of doing it under KDE3.

Anyone knows a way of achieving it? I am not afraid of editing configurations files (kdeglobals, for instance).

Thank you in advance.