KDE3.5 Compiz and Emerald

Hi everybody
I’m using Kde4.0, 3.5 and Genome.
I’ve two problems. First is that in kde3.5 i always need to manually enable desktop effects and, second is that after downloading emerald themes are not working.
But the above said problem is not in Kde4
please help me.

Thanks in advance.

the problem i faced even worse than yours. selecting the packages from the 1-click install telling me there are tones of pre-requisites errors and conflicts with installed packages. Ignoring the errors did install the packages, but the system complains that gnome-xgl-switch is not found.

Hi folks are you using compiz 0.7.6 or are you using cyberorgs Git repository via the Suse build service.
If you are using 1 click for cyberorg (Index of /repositories/home:/cyberorg) then make sure you have the X11,XGL/ repository disabled and remove anything you have installed from this repository, assuming you are using AIGLX and not xgl, otherwise just install xgl then disable the repository. If you are using KDE only you do not need to install any of the Gnome specific components.