KDE windows won't open at the same time

I have firefox open in full screen when I try to open a terminal window. It closes firefox. I need both on the screen at once. I never set this config option,. How do I fix this?

I can’t find the option.Thanks.

How do you go about opening a terminal if you have firefox in full screen?

Me, too, wonders this – from the other end (BC).:wink:

I open a terminal window from dolphin. I open firefox full screen. On the task bar, I click on terminal window. Firefox closes and terminal window opens.

I changed the terminal window to ‘always on top’. That seems to have fixed the problem. The default window behavior has changed between 42.2 and 42.3

Oh, do you mean you open Firefox maximized? That is a completely different matter.

Fullscreen (there is no task bar showing, then), the only way I know to do it is to start the console, then put Firefox to full screen, then Alt-Tab to get the console showing above it.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re using Firefox with F11 (Full screen) [Assuming that, my translation from German is correct] and the KDE Plasma Panel (task bar) is not visible.

Is the KDE Konsole also in F11 (Full screen) mode?

What’s your KDE setting with respect to Window behaviour and Mouse contact?Mine is set to “Focus Follows Mouse - Mouse Precedence”.

Yes, in ‘F11 mode’ the KDE windows can only be selected by “<Alt-Tab>” and, the Plasma toolbox is not accessible and, I have to start the application launcher by hitting the “Tux Key”.

I have a Cherry CyMotion Linux keyboard – there is no Microsoft visible – the “Windows key” has a Tux symbol . . . :wink:

And now I want one of those… :frowning:

My terminology is incorrect, Yes, maximized, shows the task bar.

I’ll look into “Focus Follows Mouse - Mouse Precedence”. My setting for terminal windows changed to ‘window always on top’, default behavior is to close previous window if you click on the task bar. Thanks for the information.

Two comments to Firefox in F11 (Full Screen) mode:

  • If you push the mouse to the top of the screen, then you can choose between Firefox tabs.
  • Accessing the Firefox menus by means of <Alt> doesn’t work – you have to exit the F11 mode (press F11).

Maximized - taskbar visible. F11 I didn’t know about. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks to all, I have KDE windows behavior the way I want them, working. :slight_smile: