kde windows missing title bar and controls

I installed opensuse 12.2 from a live CD on an old 32 desktop. To my surprise the KDE desktop windows are all missing the windows bar, which means I can’t move, close, minimize, or maximize any of the windows. Any suggestions on how to fix?

I am using the stock KDE, which appears to be 4.8.5. I have also patched the system.

-try turning off desktop effects, if that doesn’t help
-try a different desktop theme…
-if that doesn’t help, reboot and at the first green screen type in
nomodeset into the boot options line…

those are just to keep going so you can move, close, minimize etc while
you tend to getting your video driver to better match your video
hardware, do that from here: http://tinyurl.com/37v9y7m

dd http://tinyurl.com/DD-Caveat

Thanks. I rebooted after both turning off desktop effects and using a different desktop theme, and KDE has title bars again.

> Thanks.

welcome…but, i think the correct video driver will give you title
bars etc on any theme and with some (or maybe all) desktop effects…it
all depends on your video card and the driver…some have far more
capability than others…