KDE window focus hassle for multiple displays

Hi all,
I have a bit of an exploratory question. Exploratory in that I’m looking for general direction, since I can’t be specific enough about my problem for someone to suggest a perfect fix. I’m running KDE 4.7.2 on openSUSE 12.1

Lately my mouse pointer has been driving me nuts; often when I open a new window, or switch windows with alt-tab, the window that shows on my screen is not responsive to mouse clicks. I think it still has focus though, since often I can navigate using the keyboard. Sometimes it appears that nothing at all is recognizing the mouse point: can’t click on the start menu, window decorations/close button can’t be clicked on, and don’t even get me started when a program pops up an internal dialog. The problem is especially bad when I have a separate X screen on another monitor.

I’ve tried every combination of focus stealing prevention threshold and window focus behaviour (i.e. on click, on hover, etc…), and I’m afraid that I can’t yet detect any pattern that I can report here, to help narrow down the problem. For that reason I was wondering if someone could point me in some new directions for fixing this, or maybe it’s a well know problem that needs no further explanation. Thanks for reading!

So I have not had this problem, but anything to do with KDE would just suggest you move up to KDE 4.8, now up to 4.8.3 I think. Here are the two openSUSE 12.1 repositories:

Version: 12.1

So what I do is add these two repositories, making sure to remove any other KDE specific repositories if you have added then, go into YaST Software Management, switch to the Repository view, select each of these two repositories one at a time and the elect to switch to them, one at a time. I do normally go back and switch any single applications that did come from Packman, that the switch may have sent to KDE 4.8, but it might not make any real difference. Once you have the new KDE desktop installed, I suggest a restart of your PC, but at least you must log out and back in. In the Log in screen, make sure to select the default login as the KDE Plasma Desktop, I think it says as it was reset to nothing when I updated to KDE 4.8 last. Anyway, it is a suggestion that might help.

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