KDE Window Color Schemes

Hi… anybody knows how to make the windows look like this:

Monochrome KDE-Look.org

Systemsettings - Appearance - Colors - Get new schemes - Pick it, done.

Or download it and import it.

Knurpht wrote:
> Systemsettings - Appearance - Colors - Get new schemes - Pick it, done.
> Or download it and import it.

in this case, i think “it” is a theme named “Emerald”…

but, to get the full effect of the image you posted, you will need to
learn Russian!! :wink:

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What you need to make them look like that is qtcurve. It should be a fairly recent version, more recent than what is in the standard repositories. I currently use the following repository for qtcurve 1.3.x:
Index of /repositories/home:/pantsgolem:/qtcurve/openSUSE_11.2

What you will also need, is the qtcurve presets file that the person you link to uses. And if I am not entirely mistaken it is this qtcurve presets file:
Metal (qtcurve) KDE-Look.org

OK, once you have got the color scheme (see Knurpht’s post), qtcurve and qtcurve preset you can got to ‘Systemsettings > Appearance > Style’ and select “Qtcurve”. Now click “Configure” and import the “Metal” qtcurve preset. Here is a screenshot:

In ‘Systemsettings > Appearance > Colors’ you can import colors. (In the screenshot above I am already using the Monochrome color scheme; that is the one you linked to.)

In ‘Systemsettings > Appearance > GTK Styles and Fonts’ you need to set qtcurve as your gtk style. This will have the effect that not only QT application, but also GTK+ applications take the metal look.

And lastly you can pay ‘Systemsettings > Appearance > Windows’ a visit. You can select qtcurve here as your window decoration well, but without further tinkering the result will look like in my screenshot; totally unusable. Maybe you could pick “Oxygen” or something for the Window decorations? (Or you find out what exactly the person you linked to did to them.)