KDE will upgrade via Updates

The KDE and the openSUSE Maintenance team will try something a bit new
now …

We will be releasing a KDE Minor version update via the update channel.

So currently in preparation is KDE 4.10.2 and unless we find an issue we
will release it begin of next week.

Just FYI folk .

That sounds potentially great…
Will it solve all the kmail2 problems ?

No idea
I don’t use kmail, so my interest is limited

I’ll look forward to this.

If I recall, opensuse 12.2 was released with KDE 4.8.4, and updated to 4.8.5 a few week later. So this is not entirely new ground.

I have a test install of Fedora 18, which recently upgraded to KDE 4.10.1. And KDE activities seem to have been crippled (or “castrated” or “deactivated” - I’m not sure of the best term). I’ll be interested to see if that happens with 4.10.2 on opensuse.

The weather report tray item is not working in 4.10.00. If they fix that, it will more than make up for breaking activities.

Well, it won’t solve all kmail2 problems, that’s for sure.:wink:
But there were some fixes in this area, f.e. creation of IMAP top level folders works now.

Hm? That worked fine here already in 4.10 and still does on 4.10.2.
What exactly isn’t working? Maybe it can’t fetch the data from the internet at startup? You can refresh it by opening the settings and just pressing “OK”…

Regarding activities:
I haven’t seen a change between 4.10, 4.10.1 and 4.10.2 in this area. Especially no “crippling” (or “castrating” or “deactivating”)…

Yes, and it was a lengthy upgrade, especially when installing an additional 12.2 with all updates to date as I did not so long ago. Having just re-installed 12.3, here we go again, so any improvements would be nice.

Since you mentioned activities, what happened to the Search and Launch desktop activity?

It doesn’t reliably update. I will see what the weather was yesterday, instead of what it is today.

It’s still there for me in 4.10.2: click on ActivityManager icon (the three dots on the panel), select “Create Activity”->“Templates”->“Search and Launch”…

At present, I am on desktop 2, activity 1. And I see “firefox” running. If I move to activity 2, I instead see “rekonq” running.

When I try that with Fedora 18, KDE 4.10.1, I find that if firefox is running in activity 1, it is still running in activity 2. So it looks as if change “activities” allows me to change the wall paper and icons, but keeps the same active windows (which are what I think of a the real activities).

Now maybe this is a compile time choice by Fedora. I guess I will find out when opensuse pushes 4.10.2 to my desktop.

Ah yes, it’s there in 4.10.0, but in previous releases the activity was ready to go. Just tested the Create, and notice the “green weed” overlays the desktop icons towards end of row. That’s probably why it wasn’t already set up on installation :D.

Isn’t that covered by the “Virtual desktop switcher” in System Settings > Workspace Behaviour > Activities > Plugins (tab), since it can be unchecked, or have I misunderstood your case?

I don’t think that’s the same thing at all.

Currently, with 4.10.0, if I right-click on the title bar of a window (say firefox), there’s a menu item for “activities”. There, I can select in which activities the firefox window will show up.

With Fedora and 4.10.1, there is no such menu. It is as if every window has be permanently set to show in all activities.

Yes I agree, and hadn’t seen that “activities” menu item, so thanks for explanation. Your point reminds me of some comments made on a (KDE project?) mailing list about lack of fully understanding KDE activities (i.e. just alternative desktops), and a response that openSUSE’s implementation was more than that, a better or right way of delivering it. I think it may have been one of the details mentioned, but don’t recall exactly.

This menu is still there for me in 4.10.2 on openSUSE. (only if you have more than 1 activity active, of course)

Hm, never seen something like that here. I have the applet in the tray and 2 on the desktop…

Maybe a timezone difference? If I f.e. use the bbcukmet provider, the date changes at 22h local time because they are in a different timezone. So I see tomorrow’s weather for 2 hours…

Or it could be that the internet connection is not ready yet, when KDE starts. But I think it would show blank then and refresh itself when internet is up and running.

Which provider do you use?
Does it show the right weather when you refresh it manually? (right click on it, open settings and just click “OK”)

What do you mean?
The green weed of the wallpaper?
That’s below the icons here as it should be. I don’t see anything unusual.
Could be of course that there was a bug in 4.10.0 which got fixed…

That’s good to hear. Thank you.

I was using NOAA at West Chicago (Du Page Airport).

I never tried that.

However, when it stopped updating, if I went to settings and looked at the list of providers, the NOAA entries were all missing. So something seemed to be getting corrupted in the data.

If I disable the applet, logout, then re-enable after login, it starts working again for a while, and then again stops updating.[/QUOTE]

Yes the weed with the lizard is in foreground (should be behind or below as you have it) i.e. overlays the end icon, so the icons are partially sandwiched between green weed and dark wallpaper. It looks like an error. I did a clean install using Network CD. Let’s see what the update brings.

Ah. I only use bbcukmet and wetter.com
But googling for “kde weather NOAA” finds several problems with NOAA.

I tried configuring the same as you, and it took it quite long to load the weather data.
So maybe there are indeed network errors/timeouts, causing it to not refresh sometimes?
Which would also explain the missing noaa entries, because the search happens online at the noaa website, I think…

No, but it will solve some (minor) Kmail problems. It may however engender new problems (regressions). I am running 4.10.2 and there have been quite some problems especially with the filtering function (and indexing via nepomuk is still broken AFAIK and as far I could see).

Yes, but those are not regressions in 4.10.2.
Those problems were already there in 4.8 I think…:expressionless:
But it did get better. Up to 4.9 I got 14 duplicates per mail when filtering, most of the time. Now it’s down to 2!:wink: (and it happens more seldom and only for some mails)

Nice, I like this positive view. :wink: