KDE - vlc plays dvd's with garbled screen

I installed the multimedia package: http://opensuse-guide.org/codecs.php

I did the manual install at the bottom. I use VLC as my main video player. VLC works with every video format I have thanks to help from here.

I use dvdstyler to create a dvd from videos downloaded with firefox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flash-video-downloader/?src=search

They were downloaded at max resolution, varying from file to file:

Nexus 2 The Gods Awaken (PC & MAC).mp4
Nexus The Jupiter Incident 2013 Graphicsship showcase & tribute [1080p] [Full HD,1080p].mp4
NEXUS The Jupiter Incident 2 HD TECH DEMO [HD, 720p].mp4
Nexus The Jupiter Incident - GOG Trailer [HD, 720p].mp4
Nexus - The Jupiter Incident Remastered [Gameplay, PC] [Full HD,1440p].mp4
Nexus Trailer [Gameplay, PC] [HD, 360p].mp4
Shadows - Babylon 5 mod for Nexus [HD, 720p].mp4
Star Trek Enhanced Space Combat Nexus The Jupiter Incident mod [HD, 720p].mp4

If I use the preview function, VLC displayed a garbled screen wallpaper and the videos are scrambled. You can only see the cursor.

If I copy the dvd info “Nexus_Videos” (with the dvd files), into mswin. Rebooting to windows, VLC in mswin displays fine. I return to opensuse linux. I use dvd styler to create an iso file. Then use K3B to burn it to dvd-rw. If I put that dvd into a dvd player, it works fine.

Need some help here.

Are you using ‘hardware acceleration’?
Try to turn it of. (I have swedish as language so this is freely translated) “tools -> properties” go to “input/codecs” and turn off hardware accelerations


the dvd standard is limited to 480 for region 1, and 576 for the rest of the world
as you are using everything from 360p up to 1080p don’t expect good results
if you are going to merge them the video’s need to be the same resolution
you’re better off asking/searching at their forum (it’s hosted on sf.net)

That worked! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Looks like it’s a driver bug. I can’t upgrade the video card, no video card slot. For reference, it’s a ATI x1200.

DVD Styler supports blue-ray format. 1080p and 1440p shouldn’t be a problem.


I can restart as blue-ray format. However, I don’t have blue-ray so this will have to wait. :wink:

The flash downloader offers lower res (720p), but I don’t know how it’s degraded to 720p. Do you know anything? Thanks,.