KDE upgrade from 4.3.5 to 4.4.4 (or 4.5.4)


I wish to upgrade my desktop, KDE 4.3.5, mainly because of some limitations in AmaroK. Upgrading just Amarok through the KDE update app repo is no good as I loose the scrobbling Last.fm option. So, I just wonder if Last.fm works fine with KDE 4.4.4 on OpenSuSE 11.2? And when I am on to it, if there are some general reasons to upgrade further, 4.5 or perhaps 4.6?



Don’t consider 4.6, it is not stable enough.

But I think you can uprage to 4.5 on your 11.2. The best would be to upgrade to an openSUSE 11.3 with 4.5.3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s 4.5.4 now
The repo is:


But I don’t use LastFM

Yeah, you’re right caf4926, 4.5.4. ****, they are on fire at KDE. :wink:


Do any of you use Amarok and if so has it got the Last.fm tab under internet services available for configuration?

Like this you mean

Yep, I got it.

Yes, thanks!