Kde update applet...

Hello to all,
I am on opensuse 11.1(KDE 4.3) and while I was reading a pdf(unnecessary detail), I get a pop-up message from the kde update applet with the title:“Repository Signature Required”. The message asked me if I wanted to accept a repository signature. The signature was something like this:


anyway at first I thought that it tried to check for updates and something weird happened and I just clicked OK.

Then I thought that KDE4_Factory_Desktop is indeed in my repositories but what has this anything to do with the kde update applet? I manage these updates through the package manager.

So i fired up the yast package manager and when it started loading the repository data it popped-up a message telling me that the the repository in question(factory desktop) had a signature which was not digitally signed or something along those lines.

Then I told it to not accept the signature and came straight here. :slight_smile:

Now I know it’s probably nothing but I thought that I should check with you and see if that is normal.

So… any thoughts?

Just accept it. I think someone screwed up the key on the repo. I had it too. Also for the Mozilla repo for me this morning.

OK thank you for the reply.
That’s what I thought but I wanted to make sure.