Kde: unvoluntarily set kwin layout to spiral

Hi guys!

I’ll say sorry immediately, cause I know this is a reeeeeally stupid question, but I am totally new to kde (but not to linux) and I couldn’t sort out any answer in the net!
Accidentally I pressed alt-shift-f11 (instead of f12) and kde notified me that I switched the window manager layout to spiral: now my panel is not transparent anymore (obviously, with effects enabled). I have a standard desktop install of opensuse 11.4, with the kde themes I found out of the box. How can I restore the previous situation? If I press alt-shift-f11 nothing changes, except enabling or disablin the tiling (was it activated by default?).

I am really sorry for this stupid question!
Thanks in advance!

Edit: to be more precise, the panel was not really transparent, just semi-transparent, blurring the wallpaper behind.

Sorry guys, I solved this just with a logout. But is someone able to tell me what was this kind of behaviour and what does the change of the kwin layout to spiral means?

ALT+SHIFT+F11 is a toggle (just like ALT+SHIFT+F12), press it again and the window positioning will go back to normal. No need to logout.

Spiral mode will make each new open window resize the previous to half it’s size and position itself in the vacated space. this is done in a spiral direction, and if you drag one window on top of another they switch place and size. The first opened window will take the full screen, so your screen is always fully used. It’s weird at first, but can be very useful depending on what you want to do.

Nice! Really good explanation! Thanks a lot! Marking as solved!

Edit: ehm, how to edit as solved? I cannot figure out how to do that.

You’re welcome, glad to be of help. :slight_smile:

AFAIK you can’t edit the whole thread title - it’s moderator privilege only - but you can reply in advanced mode and change the thread title in your post, as I did in this.

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Great! Thanks! I was used to editing the title of the first post of the thread! Cheers! :wink: