KDE unusable in VBox with TW 20180622

Boots to desktop, but no matter where I click, all it does is open and close the KDE menu. I can drop to console with ctrl-alt-F1. Rebuilt vbox add-on (yes, have latest vbox version), mkinitrd, rebooted, but no change. I can press Alt-F2 and manually launch programs. Any ideas? I can’t move any windows. I can navigate the KDE menu with the arrow keys. I want to say that the vbox mouse input is not working correctly, like it’s stuck on the KDE menu button. Not sure what to do here, maybe I should be at the vbox forum?

Using a KVM virtual machine, KDE seems okay with 20180622. I haven’t done much testing though, as I was investigating a Gnome issue.

I have not yet updated on real hardware.

Yes, not quite the same as your issue. I’m just providing a data point for comparison.

Related to https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse/2018-06/msg01106.html?

Yeah same thing. Okay, it’ll eventually shake out with a vbox update for 4.17, just have to wait.

“There is no left-mouse input on virtualbox when accessing arch guests over rdesktop. Moreover, it is like the cursor position doesn’t even register anymore.”