Kde turn off compiz for all time

Hello. I am new openSUSE user, but not new to linux. I had installed SUSE KDE and then installed Gnome too. I had chosen Suse as distro that has incredible KDE performance, however Gnome is great too. I hoped old oversimplistic gnome with disgusting theme, but it was great and fast. Then I had run compiz.
The problem:
I want compiz only on the gnome, on KDE I want Kwin. I could override compiz with

kwin --replace

, but this temporary solution. Where I can to put this on session startup, or choose kwin on KDE permanently with some kind of preferences

Hello Enternald and welcome to the community!:slight_smile:

You can set this in KDE System Settings.
After starting System Settings go to Advanced → Autostart.
Click on the button “Add Program” and enter kwin --replace.

You can also set Kwin as default.
To do this start System Settings -> General -> Default Applications.
On the left select Window Manager.
Make sure “Use the default KDE window manager (KWin)” is checked.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask!

Good luck!:wink: