KDE theme, Firefox and Konqueror

My KDE theme is Oxygen, my windows decorators is also Oxygen and my color scheme is openSUSE. The problem is that both Konqueror and FIrefox do not seem to display any of this kde characteristics as Firefox has some windows 95 scroll bar and buttons and as for Konqueror the buttons and scroll bars do not belong to the Oxygen theme. I have tried restoring everything to default but it hasn’t worked. (OpenSUSE 11.4, Firefox 4.0 Beta 12, KDE 4.6.0)

Firefox’s looks is normally determined by your chosen GTK theme, i.e. Personal Settings > Application Appearance > GTK Styles and Fonts.

I have no idea why Konqueror wouldn’t adhere to your theme settings though. You are not running it as a different user, e.g. root?

Thanks a lot for your help. Firefox is now fine and as for Konqueror you were right about su. Thanks a lot. One more question though before the update I could start a session as root and as my user. SInce 11.4 I can only start the user session, any idea why this happened. (I do know how to log as root in the console and stuff but this is just out of curiosity) Thanks!

you should not (never) login as root. When you mean by “starting a session as root” that you loged in as root in the GUI, then that is even worse.

And of course, using Konqueror for a web-browser as root (or using any web-browser as root) comes into the same category.

SDB:Login as root - openSUSE

Don’t worry I understand the consequences lol. Thanks for your input :).