KDE taskmanager font unreadable with most wallpapers

KDE 4.8 OS 12.2. Taskmanager is using black text for the active window and gray for the inactive windows. With most wallpapers, the text of taskmanager is unreadable. Can the font color be changed somehow? Or (even better) is there an option somewhere to add white glow around the text so that it is always readable? I don’t remember how it was on opensuse 12.1, but there I never had any problem with the same wallpapers…

I’m using the default air theme that came with opensuse and do not want to change to another theme.

to change the font go to

config desktop > app appearance > fonts
and change the ‘Window Title’ font, size etc

to change the colour

config desktop > app appearance > Colours
Select the ‘colours’ tab

scroll down to ‘active title bar text’ & ‘inactive title bar text’ and select your colour from there.

I think to shadow or 3D the txt depends on your window decoration.
I use Crystal and there is an option there to use shadowed text in the window title bar.

It’s not the colour of the title bar I want to change. I want to change the colour of text of taskmanager. It’s in the bottom panel showing a button for each window you opened.