KDE Taskbar icons wrong

I am using KDE 4.3, and am happy with it. However, a few of the icons I have dragged to the taskbar have taken a “default” picture (some sort of cog). I now have three in the taskbar and it is difficult to remember which is which.

I have tried removing and recreating them, but the result is the same.

Can anyone help?

Right click on an icon, Icon settings, click on the icon in the settings dialog and you will be able to select any icon for the app on the panel.

Thanks, but I’d already tried that. I have just re-tried it and still no luck.

OK, next try this:
remove the three items from the panel, having the widgets unlocked. Next navigate through the kicker menu to the three apps, right click and pick ‘Add to panel’.
If the icons in the menu are not OK as well, right click the kicker menu icon and choose Menu Editor. In the editor you an edit the entries and replace icons by desired ones.

Perfect! That’s it. Thanks very much.