KDE taskbar button always highlighted. How to switch off?

I use BricsCAD for Linux - I think it uses gtk/gnome widgets or such, and it’s button on the task manager is always highlighted and shown on all 4 desktop panels, although the task manager is configured to only show tasks in the current desktop.

I remember reading somewhere that this behavior means that the task requires attention and that clicking on the button would open the task and un-highlight the button, but that’s doesn’t work here, the button remains highlighted and on all desktops.

Is there a way to fix this, or at least disable this feature? It is most distracting.

Panel display:


Maybe you have to switch your gtk-theme in the systemsettings.

Also rightklick on the entry and see, if this entry is shown on all desktops.

Hi Sauerland, thanks for the suggestions.

If I open BricsCAD from the menu (not by clicking a dwg file), it opens normally, without the highlight and only on the current desktop. Only after opening a file the problem occurs, all the time.
I’ve tried different gtk styles in systemsettings > Styles > GNOME/GTK styles, like adwaita, gtk2, default, etc., restarting BricsCAD after each change, but it didn’t make a difference.

Also according to the system monitor there is only one instance of BricsCAD running, so no “hidden” instance requiring attention, as far as I can see.

Bricsys support even try to help, but they are more focused on ubuntu, not much experience in rpm distros.

So, I’m out of ideas, except perhaps stick a postit over it :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Move to a Desktop where the application isn’t being displayed – open the dialogue to configure the Task Manager – apply the activation and de-activation of the checkbox for “only the current Desktop” and, watch what happens.

I suspect that, you’ll see that, the application’s button moves from the Task Manager to an adjacent area (usually used to give easy access to often used applications) on the Plasma Panel.

The bad news: I suspect that it’s a feature and not a Bug … :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the suggestion, dcurtisfra. Unfortunately, no change. When BricsCAD is running but with no drawing open, the button is not shown in the other desktops nor highlighted, but after opening a dwg it is. I tried what you suggested before opening a dwg, but no joy.
I think the problem is primarily in BricsCAD plus gtk libs and it’s compatibility with KDE/Plasma, but i think the people at Bricsys tend to be more knowledgeable in Ubuntu stuff. I’ll try a bug report, just in case.

I have the bricscad classic in tumbleweed and I tried it in kde and the highlight is not affected.


Just making sure that, we’re more or less consistent with our KDE Plasma terminology –

The wonderfully imprecise area on the Plasma Panel documented as follows:

  1. A couple of icons giving easy access to often used applications

If you right-click on anything in that area of the Panel, you should be offered the option to remove that item from the Task Manager –

  • The thing that’s usually referred to as the “Taskbar” …

Here on a KDE Plasma Leap 15.5 system (no GNOME Desktop), the list of installed packages needed to support Gtk is:

 > LANG=C zypper search --installed-only gtk
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                                     | Summary                                                        | Type
i  | appmenu-gtk-module-common                | Common files for appmenu-gtk{2,3}-module                       | package
i  | appmenu-gtk2-module                      | GtkMenuShell D-Bus exporter (GTK+ 2)                           | package
i  | appmenu-gtk3-module                      | GtkMenuShell D-Bus exporter (GTK+ 3)                           | package
i+ | at-spi2-atk-gtk2                         | GTK+2 module for the Assistive Technology Service Provider I-> | package
i  | gnome-themes-accessibility-gtk2          | Accessibility GNOME Themes                                     | package
i  | gstreamer-plugins-good-gtk               | Gtksink plugin for gstreamer-plugins-good                      | package
i+ | gtk2-branding-openSUSE                   | The GTK+ toolkit library (version 2) -- openSUSE theme confi-> | package
i+ | gtk2-data                                | Data files for the GTK+ toolkit library v2                     | package
i  | gtk2-engine-hcengine                     | HC GTK+ 2 Theme Engine                                         | package
i  | gtk2-engine-murrine                      | Murrine GTK Theme Engine                                       | package
i+ | gtk2-immodule-amharic                    | Amharic input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v2           | package
i+ | gtk2-immodule-inuktitut                  | Inuktitut input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v2         | package
i+ | gtk2-immodule-thai                       | Thai-Lao input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v2          | package
i  | gtk2-immodule-tigrigna                   | Tigrigna input methods for the GTK+ toolkit library v2         | package
i+ | gtk2-immodule-vietnamese                 | Vietnamese input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v2        | package
i  | gtk2-lang                                | Translations for package gtk2                                  | package
i+ | gtk2-metatheme-adwaita                   | Adwaita GNOME Theme -- GTK+ 2 Support                          | package
i  | gtk2-metatheme-breeze                    | GTK+ theme matching KDE's Breeze -- GTK+ 2 Support             | package
i  | gtk2-metatheme-greybird-geeko            | GTK+ 2 support for the Greybird theme                          | package
i+ | gtk2-theming-engine-adwaita              | Adwaita GTK+ Theming Engine                                    | package
i+ | gtk2-tools                               | Auxiliary utilities for the GTK+ toolkit library v2            | package
i  | gtk3-branding-openSUSE                   | The GTK+ toolkit library (version 3) -- openSUSE theme confi-> | package
i+ | gtk3-data                                | Data files for the GTK+ toolkit library v3                     | package
i+ | gtk3-immodule-amharic                    | Amharic input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v3           | package
i+ | gtk3-immodule-inuktitut                  | Inuktitut input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v3         | package
i+ | gtk3-immodule-thai                       | Thai-Lao input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v3          | package
i  | gtk3-immodule-tigrigna                   | Tigrigna input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v3          | package
i+ | gtk3-immodule-vietnamese                 | Vietnamese input method for the GTK+ toolkit library v3        | package
i  | gtk3-lang                                | Translations for package gtk3                                  | package
i+ | gtk3-metatheme-adwaita                   | Adwaita GNOME Theme -- GTK+ 3 Support                          | package
i  | gtk3-metatheme-breeze                    | GTK+ theme matching KDE's Breeze -- GTK+ 3 Support             | package
i  | gtk3-metatheme-greybird-geeko            | GTK+ 3 support for the Greybird-geeko theme                    | package
i  | gtk3-schema                              | Config schema for the GTK+ toolkit library v3                  | package
i+ | gtk3-tools                               | Auxiliary utilities for the GTK+ toolkit library v3            | package
i  | gtkspell3-lang                           | Translations for package gtkspell3                             | package
i+ | kde-gtk-config5                          | Daemon for GTK2 and GTK3 Applications Appearance Under KDE     | package
i  | kde-gtk-config5-gtk3                     | GTK3 Preview Helper for the GTK Configuration                  | package
i  | libappmenu-gtk2-parser0                  | Gtk2MenuShell to GMenuModel parser                             | package
i  | libappmenu-gtk3-parser0                  | GtkMenuShell to GMenuModel parser                              | package
i+ | libcanberra-gtk-module-common            | Portable sound event library -- Common Files for GTK+ Modules  | package
i+ | libcanberra-gtk0                         | Portable sound event library -- GTK+ 2 Library                 | package
i+ | libcanberra-gtk2-module                  | Portable sound event library -- GTK+ 2 Module                  | package
i+ | libcanberra-gtk3-0                       | Portable sound event library -- GTK+ 3 Library                 | package
i+ | libcanberra-gtk3-module                  | Portable sound event library -- GTK+ 3 Module                  | package
i+ | libgtk-2_0-0                             | The GTK+ toolkit library (version 2)                           | package
i+ | libgtk-3-0                               | The GTK+ toolkit library (version 3)                           | package
i  | libgtkimageview0                         | Library providing an advanced widget for GdkPixbuf             | package
i  | libgtkmm-2_4-1                           | C++ Interface for GTK2 (a GUI library for X)                   | package
i  | libgtkmm-3_0-1                           | C++ Interface for GTK3 (a GUI library for X)                   | package
i  | libgtkspell3-3-0                         | GTK3 Spell Checker Interface Library                           | package
i+ | libjavascriptcoregtk-4_0-18              | JavaScript Core Engine, GTK+ Port                              | package
i  | libqt5-qtbase-platformtheme-gtk3         | Qt 5 gtk3 plugin                                               | package
i  | libqt5-qtstyleplugins-platformtheme-gtk2 | Qt 5 gtk2 plugin                                               | package
i  | libreoffice-gtk3                         | Gtk3 interface for LibreOffice                                 | package
i+ | libwebkit2gtk-4_0-37                     | Library for rendering web content, GTK+ Port                   | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_adv-suse-nostl3              | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_adv-suse-nostl3_0_5          | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_adv-suse3                    | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_aui-suse3                    | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_core-suse-nostl3             | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_core-suse-nostl3_0_5         | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_core-suse3                   | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_gl-suse3                     | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_html-suse-nostl3             | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_html-suse-nostl3_0_5         | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_html-suse3                   | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_qa-suse-nostl3               | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_qa-suse-nostl3_0_5           | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_qa-suse3                     | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk2u_xrc-suse3                    | wxWidgets Library                                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk3u_aui-suse5_0_0                | wxWidgets advanced user interface docking library              | package
i  | libwx_gtk3u_core-suse5_0_0               | wxWidgets basic GUI class library                              | package
i  | libwx_gtk3u_gl-suse5_0_0                 | wxWidgets OpenGL integration library                           | package
i  | libwx_gtk3u_html-suse5_0_0               | wxWidgets HTML parser and renderer library                     | package
i  | libwx_gtk3u_qa-suse5_0_0                 | wxWidgets quality assurance class library                      | package
i  | libwx_gtk3u_xrc-suse5_0_0                | wxWidgets's XML-based resource system                          | package
i  | lightdm-gtk-greeter                      | Simple display manager (GTK+ greeter)                          | package
i  | lightdm-gtk-greeter-branding-openSUSE    | openSUSE branding of lightdm-gtk-greeter                       | package
i  | lightdm-gtk-greeter-lang                 | Translations for package lightdm-gtk-greeter                   | package
i+ | PackageKit-gtk3-module                   | Install fonts automatically using PackageKit                   | package
i  | typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0                      | Introspection bindings for the GTK+ toolkit library (version-> | package
i+ | WebKit2GTK-4.0-lang                      | Translations for package webkit2gtk3-soup2                     | package
i+ | webkit2gtk-4_0-injected-bundles          | Injected bundles for webkit2gtk3-soup2                         | package
i  | xdg-desktop-portal-gtk                   | Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using GTK+       | package
i  | xdg-desktop-portal-gtk-lang              | Translations for package xdg-desktop-portal-gtk                | package

One more thing – LibreOffice – spell-checking (at least for the German language) – I discovered that, I need the following for the correct behaviour of LibreOffice running on KDE Plasma:

 > LANG=C zypper search --installed-only gspell
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name          | Summary                                       | Type
i+ | gspell        | A spell checker library for GTK+ applications | package
i  | gspell-lang   | Translations for package gspell               | package
i  | libgspell-1-2 | Spell checker library for GTK+                | package

This is how it looks in Desktop 2

This is how it looks in Desktop 1

I am not using any gtk style This one is using breeze and qt5ct-style
I have to add bricscad is running with an open drawing

Too late to edit my post.
If you have a .gtkrc-2.0 file in your /home/user try removing it and logout and login and try running bricscad and see if it changes anything.

Also watch out for the following link –

 > file .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 
.gtkrc-2.0-kde4: symbolic link to /home/xxx/.gtkrc-2.0


But, the contents of that file are only as follows:

 > cat .gtkrc-2.0 







gtk-font-name="Bitstream Vera Sans,  10"


And, it seems to be updated and/or recreated at every login:

 > ls --full-time .gtkrc-2.0
-rw-r--r-- 1 xxx users 281 2023-07-29 15:44:44.087268293 +0200 .gtkrc-2.0

Don’t worry – I’m only being picky … :upside_down_face:

Yes I am aware of that. Only thing is what will it recreate after deleting because of some changes the OP did. As I understood any changes in system-settings correct me if I’m wrong it will not affect the user’s gtk2
as long as that original gtk2.rc file is present in the /home/user. Actually before you can edit that gtk2.rc manually and the edited rc file will work the next login using the edited version. That was some years back.

AFAIU that depends on what version you have. There was no problem with V15, for example, and with V19 the highlight didn’t happen all the time, mainly if you opened it by clicking directly in a dwg file form dolphin, for example. In V23 (the latest to date) it happens every time.

Renamed both gtkrc-2.0 and gtkrc-2.0-kde4 files and logged out/in. gtkrc-2.0 was recreated with default content, different from what I had, but didn’t affect the highlight behavior.

Yes, usually I translate from pt_BR, but we mean the same, task manager.

As a follow-up, Bricsys could reproduce the issue and accepted the bug report. Hopefully they will fix it still within my license maintenance period.