KDE task manager unpin option not present for icon

Greetings gents,

You know how applications can be pinned to the task manager by right clicking and choosing “pin to task manager” …you can also normally unpin them to by right clicking and choosing “unpin from task manager”. Somehow I goofed when rearranging pinned icons. I have a few apps pinned to my main default panel but wanted to move a few of them around as in I wanted to move my virtual machine manager icon to the left of my firefox icon so I tried to click on it and drag it over. This has worked in the past for me but somehow I ended up with two virtual machine manager icons now and I can’t delete them nor is their an option to unpin them as that option is missing for those specific ones now. Is there a better way to organize pinned icons? How can I remove the ones that don’t have a unpin option?

Running up to date TW.