KDE - System Settings: Setting Audio Device

Can anyone with a KDE setup with at least 2 audio devices please check if they can change the setting here

If I change mine to built in and apply, actually my audio works whichever I select (although I use Built In)
Once I close system settings it reverts back to the HDMI, which I am not using at all.
Funny thing here. that it works whatever is selected.
This same reverting back happens in Kubuntu 14.04 too but there audio test sounds don’t work when it’s set to HDMI, but all other playback is fine.

Also in the Device Preference section I was expecting to see the choice of the two devices (Built in and HDMI) to set in order of pref. Instead I see 3 choices:

All odd if you ask me

Yup, same thing happens here (reverts back to HDMI, but playback is OK)- but I do have the two devices in the “device preference” tab . 13.2 KDE. HTH Lenwolf


I have two different machines with the same as I described
But the device pref tab stuff I see may have something to do with my software, I don’t know?

But it’s all a bit odd

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mine won’t work unless the NVIDIA HDMI is set to device 0 The trouble is that audio has so many layers of programs it is out right silly. Like a sound board that some maniac wired.

It’s fine, at least you can switch back and forth to audio devices and still works.
When in kde, using pulseaudio, I don’t touch it and never open it after installing recent releases of

I have three audios and I just use paprefs once to configure the simultaneous sound
and use pavocontrol and xfce-mixer for the volume controls etc.

With the audio that I use frequently, I set it as the default sound (0) in yast.