KDE System guard - along with other issues

Version: 4.3 (using KDE 4.3.0)
Compiler: Target: i586-suse-linux
OS: Linux (i686) release
Installed from: Unspecified Linux

My Computer icon has changed to a ? can you help with this

My System Guard keeps refreshing continuously wil not stop - the system is now
slower and opens windows v slowly on to the screen

This also caused the wastbin and the Desktop to move about

Don’t know why, but am not fully ok with backtrace as yet and how to create
this may need help here - Also not available as the system has not crashed as
yet for these reasons

However it dos crash wit Kontact when the app is left open and the system is
shutdown. as reported previously.

Many thanks


It is now also crashing my firefox - unable to create a backtrace

I had a problem with icons changing to a ? after an upgrade. I put it down to an incompatability with the icon set. Changed icon set and ? disappeared. Maybe try deleting icon set and reinstalling, or a new set. I also had the problem with system gaurd but it resolved itself.

Thanks for the reply Dwarfer99
However might i trouble you to be more specificit her, as i am a new boy to Suse linux.
No problem in finding the icon within system settings.