[KDE] - Show Which Applications(If Any) A Custom Software Repository Installed?


I know I have some unused software repositories which I would like to delete.
Is there any method to list which applications(if any) a custom software repository installed?
Running KDE version of openSUSE Tumbleweed 64Bit.
Let me know, thanks!


I am not quite sure I understand you, but YaST > Software > Software Management and then from the View meny choose Repositories. You then have a list of repos, select one and at the right are all packages availabel on that repo and if they are installed or not.

First, “Application” is ambiguous. There are RPM packages, there are Applications as defined by AppStream metadata or you may simply mean “whatever program you have installed”.

If we are talking about repositories, you likely mean RPM packages. In this case there is no 100% accurate way simply because RPM package has no reference to repository once installed. You can only guess by comparing versions installed on your system with versions available in repository. zypper does it for you:

zypper search -si -r *repository-name-or-alias*

In GUI (YaST Software) you can also view packages by repository.


YaST/Software Management/Repositories showed what I needed.
I wrote down software repositories that had no software installed.
Then I opened YaST/Software Repositories and deleted the unused ones.


That is the way to go (wel as nomal in Unix/Linux, there are more ways to go for the same result).

And please pay attention to what advidjaar said, this is about packages (RPM packages to be more precise), not about applications. Try to use the correct terms, that will avoid a lot of misunderstanding.