KDE Shortcut query

Hi all,

I have a microsoft ergonomic keyboard (which I love using). I was attempting to set up my kde so that it could automatically launch the KDE start menu in the same way that Windows does by pressing the ‘Windows’ key.

So there is question number 1…

Is there a way to launch the KDE start menu by just pressing the windows key?

Question 2.

I tried assigning the KDE start menu the shortcut of control and escape, and forgot that it is the shortcut for the task manager.

How can I re-assign the task manager key back to control and escape?

Thank you.

  1. I think I have seen this asked before and I don’t recall it being solved

  2. Did you try the Defaults button on the settings page in question

no I haven’t…

But as soon as I get home I will give it a try.

Thank you.