KDE Screensavers activation time

I’m running KDE, with 11.2 32-Bit.
At first, my screen saver worked just fine, coming on after 130 min, being just long enough to watch a movie.

Since changing the screen saver, but not the duration before activation my screen saver comes on every 20 min. I have tried changing and saving settings in YaST and going back to the original choice of screensaver, neither of which have worked.

Any suggestions on why this is happening and how I can fix it would be most appreciated.


If I didn’t tell you this already I’ll be surprised.
Screensavers are a Pain in the Proverbial. Switch it all OFF

But they’re so pretty!!

Can’t argue with such practical advice I suppose. But still leaves me wondering why something so seemingly ‘basic’ (to the untrained eye) is so tetchy, bearing in mind the sophistication of my spinning desktop cube thing, I’d have thought that a functioning screen saver was pretty easy. They’re nice to have in offices since it’s handy to lock your screen automatically when away from the desk.

Thanks all the same. I’ll try it and see if it responds!