KDE screensaver gone MAD!

Hi there.
In the days I installed Opensuse 11.1, and that is the best thing, what i did to my laptop (MSI) in the last month.
The install was fine, hardware’s all detected, etc…
And then, I (shame on me!) turned on the screensaver function, with the slideshow-saver.
And now, I log in to my desktop (kde 4.1.3), and sometimes the screensaver randomly starts, even if the mouse is moving… I don’t know why, because after the first few cases, i turned it off, and unchecked the password-verification thing too.
What can i do now?
Help me please, i’m really new to opensuse, but i find it really nice, so it would be a real pain, if i cannot solve this real bothering problem.

ps: sorry for my weak english, probably the description of the problem is still understandable.

Try updating your KDE to KDE4.2.
You may do a 1-click install from here:

Hi there.
Thanks for your reply, but this link is not working for me.
It opens yast, and then writes about some repositories i have to add, i click okay, then after a few minutes it drops a window, and says, some packages cannot be installed, and lists about 5-6 packages.
I clicked cancel then to all upgrades, because i was afraid, going on with the update would mess up my system…
But i solved the annoying problem, i only had to set the “after x minutes of idle” listbox to “do nothing” value in the power management menu.
now screensaver is working properly.

If you don’t want to upgrade you may need to remove those repo’s you just added.
Check what you have with this from a terminal:

zypper lr --details