KDE - Screen Icon arrangement and downloaded picture permissions


Two KDE problems I am having, which are hopefully easy to resolve… I am running Suse 42.2.

Often, but not always, when I boot the system up the screen icons get reorganized/shuffled. Sometimes it is just some, other times all the icons. How do I get the system to leave the screen icons where I place them??? I prefer not to lock them, since that precludes me from moving them when I want to (without going in, unlocking, shifting, and then relocking). Not sure if this is a new ‘feature’ of 42.2, but I hope it is merely a settings error on my part.

When I download pictures they have permissions set at read, which pretty much precludes me from editing them. I understand I can go to every picture, edit permissions, and then edit the picture, but that is a real pain. Is there some place I can alter the permissions for files/users to have both read/write permissions?

GUI approach preferred to console, since I am no linux guru…

thanks and regards – Roger