KDE resuming previous session

Dear all,
every time my kde launches it tries to restore my previous session, meaning opening the files I had open.

I have to admit that I like this feature but I would like to ask you

1)if is possible to configure it slightly (it does not look to work correctly for all application)
2) also everytime now, kde starts, unfortunately tries to open with okular some pdf documents I had (files that were opened through web browser), that are on /tmp/ folder and no longer exist. I would like to know how I can clear this to happen.
I do not want to clear up everything, just to see what is causing okular to search for these files and clear only this part, that would mean that in future I want again okular to open up previous opened files.

I would like to thank you in advance for your reply


As far as I know, there is not such an adjustment. Your options are to manually close applications down before your exit openSUSE, live with how it works, or start a clean session on each startup without regard to what was running on shutdown. Some applications, like Firefox, still detect when not properly shutdown and may still ask to restore its previous session and so some of the behavior you see is application specific.

For the KDE settings on this, have a look here:

menu / Configure Desktop / System Administration Group / Startup and Shutdown / Session Management (on Left)

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Thanks that worked :slight_smile:

I am always happy to hear a provided solution has worked. If there is anything else you require for which we could help, please let us know.

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