KDE - Recommended Free Video Editing Software To Make YouTube Videos?


I want to get into YouTube video production.
I am running openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE 64Bit.

Can someone here recommend the best free video editing software?

EDIT # 1: I want to make videos for Google Play games we have made.
(already found “Simple Screen Recorder” to record the gameplay)


Kdenlive might not be best video editor software in existence, and it has some pretty annoying limitations, but in my experience from all the free video editors for Linux I have tried it has been, by far, the easiest to learn and use, and it has pretty decent multitracking support, so it ought to suffice for many smaller projects.

Trying it now, looks a little complicated, thanks!

Kdenlive is not intuitive; start with Project>Add clip if you have something already recorded. Then make sure you have the right number of video and audio channels before adding the clip to the timeline. Then save the Project before you start any editing and save frequently. I particularly like the ease with which you can step backwards or forwards with the arrow keys frame by frame so that you can make very precise edits. I generally find, depending on the encoding of the clips you use, that it takes at least twice the time of the video to render it to your chosen format.


I have this video now:

I would like to make it more exciting, like with moving text and transitions.
Can someone explain how to do the above with Kdenlive?



Another highly capable app which is becoming almost SOP for making YouTube videos is Open Broadcaster Software).
Is cross platform, rungs on Linux, Windows, other.


I use kdenlive extensively - and posted a number of youtube videos.

One nice thing about kdenlive is there are dozens and dozens of tutorials available for different functions. One can do a youtube or a google search to find the tutorials.


I can’t do everything…hired a professional video editor on Fiverr.

Can Kdenlive make a video like below?:

Let me know, thanks!


IMHO this needs more than a ‘video editor’ to create . This is into graphic arts, which goes beyond the scope of just a video editor and other type of applications would be needed to create.

That’s what i thought…
i paid $50 on Fiverr for the above video, well worth it in my opinion

what do you want to to? what editting features you need?

Hi, as for me the easiest way for good video editting is movavi. i use it for more than 3 years and it, this program fully meets my needs. If you got interested in it you can visit this site ](https://www.movavi.com/)https://www.movavi.com/ . here you will find all the info and get the program. you are welcome