KDE Plasma window decorations

The window decorations in my desktop environment seem to have disappeared. The windows used to have shading around the borders, but now there is no border at all, and the SUSE chameleon has disappeared from the launcher menu, even with the openSUSE theme. These problems are not present under a test user account I created. Which folder/configs can I delete to reset this problem? Thanks.

Nevermind, I got it cleared. Deleted the .config directory.

Or, clean up the ~/.cache/ directory …

I tried that first, but it didn’t fix the issue. So I tried ~/.config/ next, which resolved it. My home directory has been through a few OS upgrades.

I had a similar issue recur, where this time the main panel widget would not load, no right-click ability on the desktop. I could only use krunner to launch applications. After a bunch of poking around in the ~/.config directory, I uninstalled Google Chrome and removed the corresponding config directory. This seems to have resolved the problem. Posting this in case someone else runs into the same issue.

Apparently that did not fix the issue. Although, now it appears to be intermittent. Occasionally, the bottom task bar on my desktop will not load, and right-click doesn’t work either. I didn’t see anything obvious in the logs. Anyone have any ideas on where to look or what to look for next time this happens? Thanks.

Try to create some temporary user in your system, login and check his desktop if there are the same issues as under your own account.

I ended up deleting every hidden directory in my home directory and only copying the specific ones I needed. So far, it seems to be back to normal. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

It’s not a good idea to blindly delete the directory tree ‘~/.local/share/’ – that’s where KDE Plasma stores a considerable amount of application user data – such as –

  • e-Mail;
  • Calendar;
  • Address Book;
  • Tasks;
  • Journal;
  • Notes;
  • Password Wallet;
  • Screen layout;

Ditto ‘~/.mozilla/’ –

  • Firefox bookmarks;
  • Firefox cache;
  • Thunderbird e-Mail;

It depends on what you are trying to do.

I remove “.local/share” and “.config” if I want to reset my desktop to initial settings. But I do it when not logged into KDE (either from a terminal/virtual console login or an “Icewm” login). That may be what user z2 was attempting to do.

Note: In my experience, Thunderbird email is in “.thunderbird” rather than under “.mozilla”.

And, lose all the non-IMAP e-Mail you have sent and/or received?

  • Plus all your local Calendar and Task (To-Do) entries?

It is not affected. I do not use “Kmail”.

Actually, instead of removing those directories, I usually rename them, so that I can later recover anything I might need – mostly Akregator archives and subscriptions.

Plus all your local Calendar and Task (To-Do) entries?

My local calendar is a plain text file which I maintain with a text editor.

But, you see what I mean …

Yes. I understood your point all along. I was just pointing out that there are circumstances where people might want to remove those directories.

Technically, I backed up my entire home directory, then deleted all the hidden files/directories and copied back the ones that were necessary. I had to re-configure a lot of desktop settings, but that’s OK. I couldn’t figure out which setting was causing the problem, so I figured I’d wipe everything and (almost) start over. If I run across something that is missing settings/configs, I’ll just copy them from my backup.

Everything seems to be working fine for the past few days. Hopefully it stays that way.