KDE Plasma Trash folder causing partial system freeze


There is this weird, annoying issue I seem to have from time to time with the trash folder on the desktop that I can’t seem to find the reason for.

When I go to the desktop to right click on the trash folder to delete the files it contains the KDE Plasma just freezes for anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes not allowing me to interact with any of its features. This includes the task bar but **not **any instances of the dolphin explorer which may be open at the time. Funny enough the Trash folder and its contents can be interacted with from the side bar of the dolphin browsers which are open, this includes seeing and deleting the files in contains. Also of note is that this does not happen with right clicking anything else on the desktop. Even with the trash folder it mainly only happens when it’s full but very few times, like right now for instance, it also happens when it is empty as well. In such cases right clicking on any other folder on the desktop will cause the same seizure behavior. Once the seizure like behavior is up after a few minutes right click context menu opens and the watch in the task bar also updates to the current time. finally, all open applications work as intended during this freezing period.

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this would be very much appreciated.