KDE Plasma Panels missing

I made a home backup, rebooted my computer today for maintenance, and when I restarted my custom panel was gone, and the bottom panel was back to default?

What went wrong? Any way to get them back with out recreating everything?

I was very happy with Suse and KDE, and now this? >:(

Well I doubt it. The setting are stored in ~/.kde4/share/config if you some how messed those files the settings may be lost. You may check your backup and see if the settings are there. Maybe try to restore that directory. But I’m guessing the damage may have been done before you made the backup. Also maybe check activities you may have you old setting there.

It only took about 10 minutes to put back to normal, I usually keep a snapshot of my desktop in case it needs a rebuild. At least I did not lose all of my settings.

A duckduckgo search, showed that very few have ever recovered from KDE panel loss. I hope it is not going to happen again next time I shut down my notebook, it does not seemed to be affected by logging in and out?

I have lost KDE setting a couple of time but it usually is because I did something stupid or had a power failure etc. But then I don’t have ubber complex setups so redoing it is just a few minuets work.

Here is mine, I hope dropbox works? I guess it does, nice add on for Dolphin puts file in public folder and sends a link to Klipper. :good:


So I guess it was a fluke, I must have done something in /home that caused this? After a reboot, panels are intact.