KDE Plasma is still shown as 5.7.2

Hey all,

I have a fresh install of Tumbleweed, installed yesterday. I just got the update today to install kernel 4.7.1-1.

But according to Dominique’s weekly review, KDE Plasma 5.7.3 was released: http://dominique.leuenberger.net/blog/2016/08/opensuse-tumbleweed-review-of-the-weeks-201633/

It’s still showing 5.7.2 for me. KDE Frameworks is at, and QT at 5.6.1. The kernel probably shows 4.7.1-1-default.

If anyone has any thoughts, I appreciate it! :smiley:

The Plasma version Kinfocenter reports is 5.7.2 for me too … however, checking the actual package versions, I see that the 5.73 stuff is indeed installed.

Likely a minor oversight somewhere of someone forgetting to bump the listed version in whatever file it is that Kinfocenter is drawing the information from…

In your new installation, do you see the plasmashell executable taking over the CPU, becoming major CPU user at 25-100%?

What graphics card do you have, and what driver?

The plasmashell bug appeared in 2015 (356479 – plasmashell uses 100% CPU when there is an animation in the task bar) and now they are thinking of ways how to figure out where the bug is (“push this back up through KDE/QT to find the source of the issue”). Did they push and find the bug in KDE Plasma 5.7.3?