KDE Plasma. Goggle Chrome doesn't think it's my default browser, Complains not shut down cleanly .

When I open Chrome it says it’s not my default browser. I’ve set it as the default browser in KDE Desktop Setting Applications.
It also says it’s not shut down cleanly and asks to restore if I’ve rebooted even though I’ve shut Chrome down cleanly.
What can I do to resolve this behavior?

I’m not seeing this.

Could you try deleting the folders

That should have chrome launch empty and if you use a google account, you would need to login and let it sync

Was your TW install clean and was /home formatted or a keepover

It’s been consistent across several clean installs.
Nothing brought over from several installs. The most recent is today.
If I go into Chrome settings Chrome says it’s not the default browser.
When I tell to to become the default browser nothing happens.

I’ll rather not delete those files as I have all my ad blocking , cookie blocking and white listed sites configured and that will kill all the work Iv’e done on that today if I remove those files.

In chrome settings I see the same as you describe

In kde settings I just set chrome to default ( as firefox was set there )

Let me check further

After changing the kde setting from FF to Chrome
Once I close chrome and re-launch it
It asks with pop out ‘Chrome is not currently default, do you want Chrome default…’
I say Yes
But in Chrome settings it is not default
In kde Chrome is set to default still

So I’d say report it to Google

OK will report upstream then…

Works as expected on 13.2 and 13.1
Tumbleweed and Plasma is a different story.
Wonder if anyone running Gnome sees this?


I just checked on a netbook running Mint 13
Same version of Chrome
Chrome is set as default in Mate settings
But Chrome settings reports: Google Chrome cannot determine or set the default browser.

I wonder if Chromium users are seeing this too?

I just upgraded from 13.2 to Tumbleweed, and this bug affects all browsers, not just Chrome. I had Firefox set as default in 13.2, but no matter what browser I set as default in the system settings, external links still open in Firefox, so something isn’t getting updated somewhere.

This also happens in chromium. It is the same on my Arch install as well. Chromium is what will come up by default, but it doesn’t think so. Same behavior in Chrome when I tried it out on Arch.

Aren’t you hitting a systemsettings vs. systemsettings5 issue ? If the first one is used to set the default browser, Plasma5 won’t know.