KDE Plasma does not save screens config

I have a laptop with external monitor connected. Every time I reboot and login back into the system my external monitor shows only Plasma wallpaper and desktop icons like Home and Trash. After calling System Settings via Krunner and playing around with display settings (enabling laptop and external screens on and off, mirroring one to another and so on) I manage to get task bar, apps launcher and all stuff back on my screen but only till next reboot. Clearing .cache folder isn’t any help. I’ve seen this already sometime ago with older version of KDE/Plasma but don’t remember how it was fixed. And things were good until the recent Tumbleweed distro update. Seems some buggy part surfaced somewhere. Any suggestions how to fix or when it’s going to be fixed?

Right after posting this I’ve managed to fix it - noticed that weirdly panel appears on secondary (!) screen when both screens are active. So I’ve deleted the panel and added a new one on primary screen. Now everything is good even when laptop lid is closed and only external screen is active exactly as I wanted to. Thank you myself :smiley: