KDE Plasma Could not sync environment to dbus

I installed KDE yesterday and I’m unable to launch a X session.I’ve tried using

systemctl isolate graphical.target

, setting it as the default target, and running it manually via




in my .xinitrc, but the result is always the same: “Could not sync environment to dbus”.I really don’t know what else I can try.

We are always interested in what you did exactly, not in vague general remarks.

YaST/zypper? The Pattern?

I used zypper and installed kde_plasma and kde as per SDB:KDE install - openSUSE Wiki

What did you have before?
Did you use X before?
Which display-manager?

AFAIK startx and startkde shouldn’t work with Plasma5

It says

zypper install -t pattern kde kde_plasma

Thus I may hope you indeed installed the patterns.

I didn’t have X installed beforehand.I have SDDM.