KDE Plasma 5 not remembering dual monitor settings

I recently installed OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop. I’m mostly satisfied, but I am having issues with my dual monitor setup.

I have two monitors (one connected with HDMI and one DVI). Every time I log in, it seems like KDE forgets my settings and just overlays both monitors on top of each other. I have to open up the Display Configuration and readjust my settings to have two distinct screens. Everything works great—then the next time I log in, it forgets all of my settings and just moves both screens on top of each other again.

How do I get it to remember my monitor settings?

how are you setting up the monitors?




suggest systemsettings5 is tried


I’m fairly certain I was using systemsettings5.

systemsettings is not even in my PATH, but systemsettings5 is.


I have a dual monitor system (DVI + Display port) with the screen extended.
I did the setting in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d for the device, monitor and screen.
This worked correctly

When I used systemsettings5 to change the screen this resulted in a unusable system. (black screen); By reboot I received the login screen but by login in KDE I received again a black screen.
I have found that in the library $HOME/.local/share/kscreen there were three files with the settings.

Removing these files and rebooting the system solved my the problem.

Seems that the settings therein are taken by KDE as default. You can maybe remove these files and see if it solve your problem