KDE Pim Beta requires kdebase >=4.5.2?

I am trying to install the beta of kdepim for testing. I am using the repo here

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/SC:/kdepim45/KDE_Distro_Factory_openSUSE_11.3

I used the one click install for kdepim4 4.4.93 and it pulled in the kde distro factory 4.5.1 repo as well automatically, but when I try to install any of the beta stuff, it complains of requiring kdebase4-runtime >= 4.5.2 which doesn’t exist anywhere. So do I have to test the entire kde unstable or can I just test kdepim (what i really want to do) as the post on news.kde.org indicated.

Sometimes some package appear in the repos before their deps…First KDE 4.5.2 beta packages will appear in a couple of days AFAIK. Just wait a bit.

BTW, I see it’s your first post here, welcome to the forums !!!

And I’d point out that factory is where all the experimental software is. It can be very instable at times. I’d recommend you stay away from it unless you understand it.

Thanks, and I figure I will, I did the "Bad Thing"™ and ignored the dependancy issues on akregator since i figured it would be easiest to revert one app and some libs if it broke, which it did. Couldn’t find the kpart, etc. BUt I can chill for a few more days until 4.5.2 goes “live”. Will it be in KDE Factory or KDE Release 4.5? Or both?

I do, keep in mind I’m talking KDE Factory, not openSUSE factory too. So there’s much less breakage, but still breakage. But as a recovering gentoo user (like 5 years clean ^~) I’ve not met the opensuse repo that is more work than I can handle ^~.