KDE Partially translated menu in french

sorry if question was already ask…
The menu in lot of apps in kde Leap 42.1 are partially in french. Exemple: in Kontact I have the button ‘New Message’ but it should be ‘Nouveau Message’ and the anwser button is ‘Répondre’ that is right.
In contextual menu it is the same, the ‘Marquer tous les messages comme lu’ action is in english, but other actions are in french.
I look inside the translated kde source file (like kde l10n-fr) and saw that the french translate for this exemple are already done.

So how can I have a full french menu (and popup, submenu, etc)?


Apparently, french translators are missing, mon ami …
Why don’t you participate in translations ?

Cher ami, les traductions sont faites par des volontaires, et je suis sûr que vous suriez mieux les faire que quiconque ;o)

Hello Christophe
Sorry for my bad english, I’m not saying that is not translated (the sentences are already translated in the kde i10n-fr source file) but that some messages or menus
are displayed in english.
In opensuse 13.2 the same messages or menus are displayed in french.


Might be a problem with kde…
Then kde needs french translators…