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My openSUSE 12.2 KDE panel shows my (4) virtual desktop buttons, the system tray, time and date. However, it does not show buttons for the open applications such as Firefox, Dolphin etc. At times, this can get problematic, e.g., not knowing whether an application is merely minimized or not running at all. I have tried and tried but cannot get the panel to show the open apps. Any ideas?

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On 08/14/2013 07:06 PM, pe1800 wrote:
> Any ideas?

try this:
-right click on an open spot on the desktop
-pick “Unlock Widgets”
-hover mouse over right end of the panel and single left click the
-in the panel pop-up, single left click “Add Widgets”
-in search blank type “Task M” and just the “Task Manager” should appear
-right click it to ‘grab’ it and pull it down to the panel
-move your mouse away and i think the pop up will close, if it does
not click the x at the right end of the panel pop-up…
-right click on an open spot on the desktop
-pick “Lock Widgets”

note: some folks do not normally leave the widgets locked…i do
because otherwise they have a habit of disappearing (when i
accidentally kill them!)


You may have accidentally removed the “task manager” plasmoid from your panel.
See here f.e. for a solution in that case:

Yes, it worked! Thank you. I took your advice, to make sure things, once set up, stay locked.

Yes, it’s now fixed. I am sure you’re right about having accidentally removed the “task manager” plasmoid. I have locked things now and will make sure it will stay that as long as I do not want to change anything.

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