KDE panel transparendy in 11.2


When I use 11.2 Live Kde Panel looks nice (I like this transparency).
I’ve installed 11.2 (new fresh install) and the pannel is grey - no transparency. I was looking how to get the panel to look the same as in the Live version, but without succes, transparency still doesn’t work, even if config in my opinion is the same as in live version.

Is there any way to change this?


Have you enabled the visual effects?
System settings->Look&Feel->Desktop

Yes I did. Everything seems to be configurated same as in the Live version

Right Click on the Desktop, Desktop Settings, change Theme and then change it back.

Already did that few times. No change

What display adapter? What drivers are you running on it?

Try Oxyzone theme.

I’ve manage to solve the problem. There was something weird with my nvidia drivers reinstaling the driver helped.
For those who can meet simmilar problem - my graphic card is gf 8600M gt.