which desktop environment you use KDE or GNOME and why

Oh, come ooon. How did you miss the other 35982375987278 themes like this. I mean what stopped you to write in one of these themes:
Which Linux Desktop Do you Like? - openSUSE Forums
Kde or Gnome? - openSUSE Forums
GNOME or KDE or Other? - openSUSE Forums
Gnome vs KDE - openSUSE Forums

I’m getting annoyed with the “which desktop”, “why linux is not more used than windows” and the weekly rant themes.

I get annoyed that now the polls are working only with Google-analytic scripts. Before the didn’t.

The total adds up to 110% ???

Is that because at least two people voted for both? I could see that was true when only 3 people had voted and the score was KDE 3 v. Gnome 2 (IIRC).

Cannot edit here, so now it shows that three people voted for both KDE and Gnome since 32 votes cast by 29 voters.

The poll is setup wrong. It allowes me to choose both KDE and Gnome and vote. Both votes are counted. Either a bug in the forums software, which I doubt, or a poll created in a way it shouldn’t have been.

Checked it out: the OP created the poll, and cheched the option “Multiple choice possible”. Yet that still makes the percentages weird.

That’s setup the right way as some users will use both KDE and Gnome to get >100% out of openSUSE. :wink:

I use Gnome now. Formerly used KDE. I use Gnome because KDE is not supported any longer.

I use Gnome because KDE is not supported any longer.

Sure? Because I got my last updates for KDE yesterday…

I guess you know what he means.

I prefer Gnome, but there are some parts of openSUSE Gnome I don’t like. Not enough for me to switch to KDE mind you.

Well, I use KDE now, and I was formerly a GNOME guy. What made me to change is that KDE (In my opinion) looks a LOT better. You can agree or disagree with my opinion (and some people surely will), but that is just a matter of taste. Both GNOME and KDE are considered to be the most “resource-hungry” DE’s, but in my opinion KDE uses significantly more. So I would advise, that if you have a decent computer, use KDE. If not, than GNOME.
By the way, GNOME on openSUSE also looks rad. I like it better than GNOME on Ubuntu for example. :smiley:

I started with KDE, it is user friendly, I love yast and alt-F2.

Perhaps I should give gnome a try one day and see how it feels.

I voted for Gnome and I’m sticking with Gnome (sort of). That is depending on Gnome-shell being included in Gnome :wink:

That is, providing, if it stabilizes slightly with a few updates.

I use Gnome. I don’t like KDE and I don’t know why I don’t like KDE. Even if I liked KDE, I suspect I would prefer Gnome.

I prefer KDE. The instability seems to be gone. It looks awesome. It also has more programs that are useful to me (though possibly not anyone else). But I don’t hate GNOME as it works well too. I just like KDE more.

Anybody work with the Plasma Netbook Workspaces? I like the Gnome-shell but in openSUSE 11.3 it is unstable. I’ve been getting freezes of X which when I returned to basic Gnome I haven’t experience it (yet).

KDE FTW! it just looks better, works at the same speed on today’s hardware and is more user friendly imho.